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Digital Media & Video Consulting

Digital Media Solutions


  • Media Walls

  • Display Systems

  • Digital Signage

  • Presentation Systems

  • Control Systems

Audio Systems

  • Live-event systems

  • Capture, recording & archive

  • Sound reinforcement

  • Audio systems for video production 

Video Production

  • Internal video production capability - capture, processes, delivery

  • On-Location video productions - live event with near & far-side (remote locations) video

  • Video Production Studio - green room, control room, post production, green screen

  • Broadcast video - Live and prerecorded video for broadcast airing

  • Video post-production, processing, editing and encoding to final product delivery

  • Live event video production capability

Live Event

  • Video production

  • Audio systems

  • Multimedia

  • Presentation

  • Video Conferencing

  • Streaming

  • Recording / Archive

Digital Media

  • Webcasting

  • Hosted webinars

  • Webcasts - live and hosted

  • On-line meetings


  • Video Conferencing

  • Web Conferencing

  • Web Training

  • Web Presentations

  • Audio & Video podcasting

Streaming & Delivery

  • Streaming solutions

  • Enterprise Video Platforms

  • Content Management Systems - CMS

  • Content Delivery Networks - CDN

  • Audio Visual content delivery including Satellite, IPTV, Streaming

Unified Communications

  • Presence

  • Group messaging - IM (Chat)

  • Workspaces

  • IP Telephony, Voice

  • Hosted calls, web-casting, content sharing

Media Integration

  • Video production

  • Streaming

  • Video Conferencing

  • Content Storage

  • Networking

  • Social media and messaging

  • Hardware and software systems


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Media/Video Solution Examples

Video Production

The design and production of the final product is determined by content, look and feel, complexity and the overall quality.  Simple video productions often includes audio, lighting, video gear along with post production functions and can be designed and built at a low cost up to full broadcast capabilities.  AlanTechMedia can assist firms in understanding their needs and assist in designing, building in providing video production capabilities.

Streaming - Live - VOD

Many of today's video and media needs involves delivery of content to internal and external users and devices of all types.  This typically includes internal desktops, external mobile devices for live streaming and VOD playback.  AlanTechMedia can assist firms in developing internal and external streaming solutions and capabilities.  This includes support for video and streaming solutions, both internal and cloud based (CDN/CMS) to browsers, web-sites, social media, hosting platforms and more. These tools and methods include the capability of creating and storing media, streaming content and managing it.

Live Events / On-Location

Live events  can be formal town halls, hosted conferences, internal events and everything in-between.  These events may have needs such as large projection screens, audio support, video creation, media streaming and video production and processing.  AlanTechMedia can help you design, build and run your live events. 

Webcasting - Podcast

AlanTechMedia can design and develop various models of web-casting solutions.  These include hosted cloud services, audio, multimedia and video casting to live and VOD audiences.  Web-casting can be designed internally with many capabilities allowing you customers from web, mobile and desktop environments.  

Broadcast Video

AlanTechMedia can design and architect a range of solutions to allow firms to broadcast to live TV stations.  These solutions can fit your budget, support studios within your office space and provide the functionality needed.  Design elements include, a quiet studio space, stable uninterruptible power, dedicated air-conditioning, room acoustics,  control and green room spaces.  These spaces need to accommodate video, audio, lighting and processing systems, computers to support studio functionality.  

Audio / Visual Systems

AlanTechMedia can assist in design, building and support of general Audio / Visual systems including, audio support systems (PA's), display systems (TV's, LCD, LED), digital signage solutions, media walls (Cubes), projection systems (front/rear), which are typically used for lobbies, conference areas, auditoriums, event halls and cafeterias.

Social Media & Web

Creating Video is the first step in a line of processing, editing, encoding and distributing video internally and externally, usually via cloud, in developing and delivering a final product. AlanTechMedia can assist you in developing processes, workflow and distribution solutions, along with technology systems.

Video Conferencing / Desktop VC

Video Conferencing solutions include, enterprise room-based systems to desktop VC to cloud-based and social messaging platforms that allow you to perform 2-way VC inside and outside your organization.  This includes  one-on-one calls, room-based conferences with video, audio, multimedia and presentations.

Media Integration

One of the unique challenges of video and media is integration of technologies, content and applications. Video conferencing doesn't talk to video studios; web-casting solutions don't deliver content the same as streaming solutions and live events need their own capture and distribution. AlanTechMedia can provide integration of all your media systems, allowing you build only one solution per need, share content across solutions, leverage and distribute all media content to all destinations.  This not only leads to efficient and effective solutions, but also simplifies workflows, processes and technologies. 

Media Delivery

Media delivery is the last, but most important element of creating video content.  Getting your media delivered and seen is key and often can be a road block due to issues with security, availability, streaming capabilities both internally and externally, delivery to users on all types of devices. AlanTechMedia can help you sort through the methods and systems needed and provide unified solutions to delivery all your content everywhere it needs to go.

IT Infrastructure

Media systems go hand in hand with technology with the need for network bandwidth, Internet connections, SaaS applications, cloud use, media storage systems, streaming and processing servers.  Developing IT systems for use in media in usually outside the IT groups expertise and is specific to hardware, software and media applications and solutions that you need to implement. AlanTechMedia can design, build and support technology systems that are needed for all your media and video processing.

Solution Vendors & Products

Voice/VC/IP Telephony - Avaya, Cisco, Polycom, BlueJeans, Haivision

Content Management - SharePoint, Brightcove

Streaming - Wowza, Digital Rapids

Collaboration - Skype for Business, Slack, Office 365, One-note

Web / On-line meeting - Intercall, WebEx, GotoMeeting

Video - Blackmagic, AJA, Telestream, Evertz, Sony