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The latest from the Digital Media world

Live Streaming Video

From Facebook to other social media providers, live video broadcasts are becoming commonplace, not only for individuals but firms alike.  The marketing need to capture attention is becoming crucial by publicizing events, announcements and business and product updates via social media and live broadcasts.

Business Use Cases

As the world turns to video, firms want and need to understand why they should be adopting and spending dollars on video and digital media in their organization.  Research, statistics and metrics are the way forward to understand and know why and how your firm should be using video. There are many methods, types and ways to create and deliver digital video and media, which can be complex and overwhelming.

Broadcast hits YouTube

A new breed of Broadcast TV and commercials has started on YouTube.  The quality and look and feel, often done in a studio is broadcast, but the delivery and shows are shown on YouTube.  This changes the cost profile significantly and allows many firms to look to leveraging another avenue of marketing.

Social Media Continues...

Social media platforms are not only continuing to gain strength as a primary use of communication but continues to grow and expand as well.  Understanding the many social media platforms, their markets, demographics and best uses are key for firms to in order to align and select which social media sites along with video make the most sense.

Video and Media in the organization

All of these things are leading firms to the need to develop and create content within their organization.  key themes haven't changed - content is everything and content is king.  Firms need to rebuild content as video and through media in order to adopt and use these new methods and ultimately, to stay competitive in today's marketplace.



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Media insights for 2018

  • OTT continues to drive the media industry and technologies

  • Containers come to media systems and the cloud swings back

  • Reducing latency along with CDN costs to support live video demand

  • Global video going to the Internet – largest growth segment

  • Growth of video networking in enterprise for organizations increasing

  • Maturity of standards, formats, licensing, encoding, processing

  • Interactive live streaming – processing in the cloud

  • Remote workforce - User Generated Content, mobile video

  • Unification of UC / Collaboration – platform extensibility, third party integration

  • Consumer attitude in the enterprise related to video

  • To generate business User Generated Content (UGC)

  • Live streaming & cloud-based technologies

  • Browser based viewing - WebRTC

  • Live video broadcasting – becoming a standard

  • Enterprise collaboration and UC adoption and integration

  • Adoption of Enterprise Video Platforms

Vendor & Product Considerations for 2018


  • Qumu, Brightcove, Vbrick, Ensemble, Kaltura


  • 8x8, Fuze


  • Jive, MS Stream, Teams and broadcast, Workplace by Facebook


  • Hipchat, Skype for business, Slack

CDN / Streaming

  • Cloudfront, Azure, Wowza, Akamai, Ramp, Limelight, nanaStream, Telestream, Ustream

Webcasting / Webinar

  • InXpo, Brightalk, ON24, Mediaplatform, SonicFoundry

VC / Web conferencing

  • Fuze, Bluejeans, Zoom