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Solutions for Business

  Alan Tech Media works with firms to understand their video and digital media needs; defining goals and deliverables.  We develop the solutions needed to meet your business and marketing objectives.

  We will assist you in identifying the benefits of leveraging video and digital media across your business, in order to make you as competitive as possible. 




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Alan Tech Media delivers your videos to these key marketing destinations 

Broadcast for YouTube - Broadcast shows and content

Video blogging sites - Your web-site, YouTube, Dailymotion

Broadcasts - Local TV, Central Coast Now

Business Web-Site, On-line presence  

Video hosting sites - YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Wistia, SproutVideo, Brightcove, Vidyard

Social Media Sites - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitch


Alan Tech Media develops and produces videos for you business in these areas

Culture & Firm Profile

  • Inside view from a marketing and personal perspective
  • Employee participation messages

Sales / Marketing

  • Sales training, Webinars, Product launches, Sales / Client exposure

Firm Overview & Mission

  • Corporate communications internally and externally
  • Town Halls, Executive messages
  • Firm announcements, Press conferences

Case Studies & Testimonials

  • Video messages conveying firm performance

Unique Branded Content

  • Support of marketing efforts and products for the firm

Explainer & Educational

  • Internal and External information and assistance

Business to Business communications (B2B)

  • Ability to communicate near and far with staff and clients

Product Demonstrations

  • Support of new products and launches

Customer Support

  • Video FAQs, Product demo, Troubleshooting tutorials

Human Resources (HR) 

  • Communication, Training, Outreach

Investor Relations

Firm Events

  • Conferences, Key notes, Guest speakers, Hybrid events
  • Firm introduction, Earning calls, Annual reports, Board meetings, External client exposure

Internal / External Communications

  • Desktop VC, IM, External to Internal VC, Far side video via VC, VC capture and streaming, IPTV internal channels, Messaging platforms

Alan Tech Media performs research and analysis to understand why businesses need video as part of their business and marketing strategy

The top 3 reasons firms don’t adopt video

  • They don’t believe they have the budget to create ongoing videos.

  • They don’t have any ideas on what to produce.

  • They don’t have the necessary equipment and/or time

Ways you can leverage video

  • Help customers understand what you’re offering

  • Create something people will remember

  • Entice people to purchase from you

  • Reach every demographic

  • Engage with mobile users

  • Create a more personalized experience

  • Build a relatable brand that people love

Benefits of video

  • Video production has replaced web-site text/graphics keeps customers and more importantly, potential clients to and on your site longer than any other method

  • Social media is now a key (mandated) component of your business and marketing campaign, which is driven through the use of video content

  • Hosting videos on YouTube and other media platforms, provides the highest possible exposure and viewership globally for your business

    • The video, information (tags / key words) along with links back to your business web-site, increases your on-line exposure significantly

    • This increased exposure, improves your Google ranking in searches, leading more potential clients to your business

  • Video has a proven impact and effectiveness to highlight business content from your mission/vision, branding, testimonials, culture, products and education

  • Leveraging video production in all forms will broaden your business, greater than any other single marketing method and is being adopted by all business verticals

Video value metrics

  • Your web-site will rank higher in searches

  • Increases the understanding of your business and your products

  • Provide customers what they want - video is overwhelming the preferred form of content

  • Boost Email click-through - potential customers will open and read your Emails

  • Increase and show-up in more social media feeds

  • Obtain more purchases through video and the use of mobile devices

  • Creates the largest gain overall for revenue

Video FAQs

  • YouTube is the world's second largest search engine in the world

  • Video is the strongest way to build brand affiliation

  • Video is now a low barrier to entry of marketing methods

  • Tell a stronger story - about your business, your people, products and firm overall

  • Ability to track potential buying patterns

  • Improves your web-site SEO

  • Videos are proven to build stronger consumer attention

  • Creates higher engagement than any other content form

  • Provides higher retention rates - people continue to watch videos and stay on your site