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Digital Media and Video Production - San Luis Obispo County

AlanTechMedia specializes in Media and Video solutions for business. AlanTechMedia develops and provides solutions including: video production, streaming, conferencing, social media, live events, messaging, audio/visual, media & IT systems.  At AlanTechMedia, we can perform complete video production services, help you to do it or build internal capabilities for you to leverage media and in producing videos.  AlanTechMedia provides video production services, media consulting, solutions, design and build of media systems along with support of media related areas from IT, social media, broadcast, studios and more.  

We will work with you to understand your media, requirements, defining and aligning goals to develop media capabilities that you need to meet your business and marketing needs.  This includes Unified Communications and Collaboration systems, in using media and video to communicate electronically.  Systems such as messaging, conferencing, webcasting, voice and VC is key and allows you capture, process and delivery media in and out of your organization.

Some of the benefits of leveraging video as part of your business plan includes-

  • Videos on YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms bring the largest viewership

  • Increased ranking on Google and likelihood to appear on Google's first page with the use of video on your site

  • Online video increases response rates and time spent on your site far above traditional text and graphic

  • Communication via Social Media, the use of video (video blogging) is the top way to reach your customers

AlanTechMedia can help you achieve more business, visibility and customers through the use of Media & Video.  Please Email us at or give us a call - 805.395.2564

Business / Marketing content areas that we can work with you to develop include-

  • Marketing Commercials
  • Firm Overview & Mission
  • Unique Branded Content
  • Case Studies & Testimonials
  • Explainer & Educational
  • Culture & Firm Profile
  • Product Demonstrations

AlanTechMedia provides media solutions that directly meets your business needs; provide consulting services, from advice, solutions, design and building of media and video solutions; perform video production services - from concept, script, shooting, production to final delivery of content; provide technology and related support of systems needed to leverage media and video including: IT systems, social media, web sites, broadcast and more.

Business Solutions


Business Use Cases

Corporate Communications

Sales & Marketing

Business Collaboration (B2B)

Training / Educational

Events - Town Hall

HR Communication - Internal & External

Media & Video

Media & Video Solutions

Video Production - pre-post productions

Video Studio VOD to  Broadcast  

Media Steaming & Delivery

Event productions - Live event

Audio Visual systems

WebCasting / PodCasting

Technology & Infrastructure

Technology Solutions

Technology Infrastructure

Technology & Media Integration

IT Systems - Network, Server, Storage & Security

Media Systems - PC/Mac, Encoding, Streaming  

Media Content & Architecture- CMS, CDN

Internet, Broadcast, Mobile, Cloud


AlanTechMedia can assist in understanding why you should use video, how to leverage video and in what ways you can and should embrace video and media in your organization.  This includes aligning video and media to real business needs, understanding the value gained, and the budget needed to build solutions and produce videos. 

Consulting - Provide evaluation, assessment of business and technical needs, purpose solutions, perform analysis of cost and return, perform video productions and/or design and build solutions for your firm.

Solutions - Recommend and implement video, media, unified communications and collaboration systems.  Solutions include technology, infrastructure components needed including IT, web sites, social media, SEO, broadcast and more.

Video Production - Provide complete end-to-end video production services.  From concept, script, shooting, production, processing, and delivery of video to destinations needed.  Video productions include planned video productions, live video for events and broadcasts, formal video in studios along with on-location, use of live social media.

Services - On-going support for video and media, unified communication and collaboration services including technology, IT, web site, and related systems; providing guidance, technical support and issue resolution.


Media Services

Please Email us at or give us a call - 805.395.2564

Primary Mission of AlanTechMedia

  1. Help firms understand the Why and What of using media and video

    1. Identify business use cases

    2. Leverage media for marketing and sales

    3. Determine value and benefits of media

  2. Provide video production services

    1. From idea, concept to execution, final product and delivery

  3. Build internal media solutions

    1. Including Audio Visual, Unified Communications, Collaboration, Digital Media and Video capabilities.  

      1. This also includes technology services need for media - networking, servers, storage, cloud and security

It’s seldom you find a video firm that understands business, media and IT - bringing all the elements together in providing enterprise media solutions.