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Alan formed AlanTechMedia out of a need he saw in firms that were expanding past traditional Video Conferencing, webcasting, audio-visual and telephony systems into digital media services.  Digital media, includes video productions, content management, social media, on-line presentations, webinars and more.  In all of these areas, the business owns the content, but often the internal technical teams (IT), manage and run media; without direct background in this area. With the incredible growth of the OTT (over-the-top) video industry, (I.E. Amazon, Hulu, Netflix) it has driven and made video common place and expected in all areas of communication.  This creates a demand for video and media capability that firms need to adopt and leverage as part of their business and sales strategy.  AlanTechMedia seeks to close this gap in providing business media solutions that provide both value and measurable benefits to the business through media solutions.  AlanTechMedia has core expertise in technology, which is key in providing the necessary infrastructure for media to operate within firms.  Additionally, AlanTechMedia provides media solutions and aligns them to what firms are looking for in order to stay competitive in a world that lives and breathes video in every form. We take a top-down and holistic view of media and video in order to fit it the best way possible, providing media capabilities and solutions that make the most sense for your business.


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Alan Hanslik

Alan has 20 years in Leadership and Management, with 30 years in technology and 10 years developing digital media and video solutions. As a technologist, he has designed and implemented technology systems including datacenter, systems, servers, storage, networking, infrastructure, hardware, software and applications. This foundation provides many core aspects in designing and implementing digital media systems in the enterprise. Alan designed and built solutions around: Unified Communications and Collaboration including, Video Conferencing, Audio/Visual systems, on-line meetings and messaging; Digital Media solutions such as webcasting, podcasting, video streaming and web conferencing; Video production solutions from on-demand video production, video production studios, broadcast studios to live event productions.  Video production planning, from capture to delivery including content, post production to producing final product. Production studio design and builds include acoustical, set, branding and green screen along with lighting and audio. Video design and look and feel, for delivery from web to broadcast include key quality elements of camera selection and lighting design principals – from traditional photographic to broadcast standards.  Additionally, the development of live and on-demand streaming solutions, both internally and externally.  He integrated content sources from systems and applications, from internal storage, to cloud, CMS/CDN with media architecture and EVP (Enterprise Video Platforms) to allow the sharing and use of content across systems, applications and the enterprise.




Integrated Media Technologies, Platt Design Group, ION Media, KCET, Herbalife, NetApp, Google, Streaming Media, Amazon, Santucci Video Systems, Cisco, Polycom

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